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The Super Services Award is the highest and most exclusive accolade Angie’s List gives to companies. The award only goes to business that have achieved and maintained a superior service rating on Angie’s List throughout the past year. Each year, less than five percent of thousands of businesses earn the prestigious Super Service Award. Pine Ridge MN has won the award six consecutive years.


They designed a scheme for my front garden with some decorative boulders, native grasses and perennials, brought in the plants, put edging around and then we chose a complimentary mulch.  It went beautifully. They listened to what I wanted and chose just the thing. Very nice young men and they worked quickly and cleaned up when they were done. I would definitely use them again and recommend them highly.

Liz H.
Minneapolis, MN

Pine Ridge completed a professional landscape design for my back yard. Along with the professional design they bid out my job broken down into phases as I’d requested. I hired them to install the plant beds – removing the existing sod, installing steel edging and laying new rock. They also picked out and delivered all the plants which I chose to plant myself. Jacob set up an appointment and came out to talk through the job with me. He put together a professional design taking into account what I wanted (low maintenance, pet safe, etc). He even went the extra step to contact a vet tech and make sure that all the plants we chose were safe for my dogs. The company put together a variety of bids for me so that I could choose the job that was financially best for me. I obtained other bids for the same work and their bid was competitive. The landscaping crew was professional, friendly and hard working. They did an excellent job and cleaned up after themselves. Jacob came out to check on us during the portion of the job we chose to do ourselves and a final walk through was done to make sure that we were 100% satisfied. All in all it was an excellent experience. I receive compliments from my neighbors and friends on how nice it looks and I plan to hire them again when I’m ready to do the next phase of the job.

Rebecca E.
Bloomington, MN

Ordered a deal off of Angie’s List for fall clean up services that included 2 hours of yard work by two staff for $99.  You would think that some companies would do the bare minimum in two hours, but our crew of two guys did a fantastic job of clearing the leaves and blew out our gutters. They were very responsive in terms of scheduling the appointment and kept in communication when the weather didn’t accommodate the original date of service. We are looking forward to working with them again and appreciate the hard work and hustle!

Ken B.
Eden Prairie, MN

I was very impressed by how quickly Pine Ridge came out to give me an estimate. They quoted me a price on the spot and wrote up a detailed contact. The workers showed up at the stated time. This was a multiple day effort and they kept me informed of their schedule (they wanted a long July 4th weekend). When they left the first day, they stack the branches on the side of the yard. They arrived for their second day of work as promised. At the end, they asked if they had removed all of the agreed upon trees (they had). They hauled away all of the branches and racked up the area, making sure to close the fence gate so my dogs would not get out. For ease of the tree removal, the guys took down a line that I hang my bird feeders on. They carefully arranged the feeders so they could place the feeders back in the correct order. An excellent example of having the customer first in their thoughts. I would use this company again!

Marilyn P.
Eagan, MN

We have a very large Silver Maple in a very small back yard. They took out several large branches and cleaned up everything.  The arborist arrived first and discussed in full with me his opinion about what was best for our specific type of tree. There were several guys working so everything was done very quickly. They spoke with respect and admiration for each other. The whole team was exited to work together as a team.

Erica G.
Minneapolis, MN

Jacob and his arborist trimmed my misshapen silver maple. They were friendly and knowledgeable and happy to talk about the options and long term plans with the tree. They were also very carefull and neat. There are 2 fences and a hedge directly under the tree yet not a nick left on anything not a twig left on the ground. The arborist (sorry I forgot his name) climbed the tree like a monkey hauling ropes and equipement behind him and shaped the tree like a surgeon. I even got some extra work done for the price because he worked so quickly. As a bonus they were extreamly entertaining to watch and we were able to discuss driveway options at the same time. I will most certainly use them again and recommend them highly.

Vicki W.
Minneapolis, MN

This is the second time I have used Pine Ridge. The first time was for tree trimming and this time was to add and compact gravel onto my driveway. Both times I have been extremely pleased. The driveway looks great! Jake is hardworking, honest and fairly priced. I will use him again when I need landscaping and highly recommend him to others.

Vicki W.
Minneapolis, MN

Jacob Servais came to my home after a couple of calls to talk about services and to confirm the day of the appointment. He was prompt, polite, and very knowledgeable. He was helpful and respectful.The job was complete and he did more than he said, but didn’t raise the price. Clean up was done very well! He even called two days later to make sure we were happy with the job he did. Pleasure to deal with!

Katie C.
Wayzata, MN

I had a rather large tree branch hanging over my deck that I was concerned about. He came in and took it down. He did a wonderful job and was very polite! I can’t say enough about their service. They provided excellent clean up. I would absolutely hire them again.

Rich N.
Victoria, MN

Backhoe and grading. Everything went GREAT!

John K.
Minnetonka, MN

I called Jacob and told him about the damage a storm had created in my yard. Six of our largest Spruce trees had been blown to an 80 degree angle. After giving me a price range of $50 to $75 per tree I asked him to add me to his list. They are very busy. Lucky for us and my trees, they were going to be in the neighborhood that very night! Jacob arrived 5 minutes earlier than he estimated and surveyed the damage and gave me a firm price of $50 per tree and went to work with his co-worker Ryan. Jacob and Ryan took out a small bobcat and got busy on the tree in the front yard first. I was worried that a bobcat would tear up my grass even though they had assured me it wouldn’t and they were right.. The grass was fine. They used a burlap strap and wrapped it around the tree’s trunk and then attached it to the bobcat. Ryan watched and signaled Jacob while he controlled the bobcat and gave the tree a gentle tug. Jacob knew he wanted to over correct a little so that the tree could rest back into the correct place after staking it. Pretty tricky. Ryan was great at estimating. Then, Ryan got into the center of the tree and put a plastic guard around the trunk and tied the ropes while Jacob pounded in the stakes. They made a great team! They worked carefully making sure the rope stayed on the guard to protect each tree and making sure each tree was straight from every angle. Plus they informed me about each step of the process while they were doing it! They knew they needed to work quickly because they had promised to try to be at other customer’s homes that night as well; but, they wanted to be sure to do the job right. Super nice guys and very conscientious! You can’t go wrong hiring them!

Mark & Rose S.
Lakeville, MN

Excellent. We got the name from two other friends who really recommend them! They did everything they said they would at very fair prices. They are nice to deal with.

Ted & Mary Jo. K
Plymouth, MN

We have a fairly large yard with established trees. After an ice storm the fall before and a very strong winded day, a lot of our trees either broke or needed trimming higher than we were able to reach. We had many door-to-door estimators that were claiming they could trim up 3-4 trees for $1000.00. We had over 10 that needed to be done. There was no way we were going to pay close to $3500.00 to trim up the trees. Jacob came over and gave us an estimate to trim all trees and cut one down for the price of $600.00. He told us up front that if he wanted us to remove the fallen branches and such that it would cost more. We decided to do it ourselves since we burn it in our fireplace. Jacob was not only considerate, but knowledgeable about this job. He got it done in one day (the day that it was scheduled to be done). After completion, he mentioned he does other landscaping work as well. We immediately recommended him to a friend who needed a patio. They were so impressed, they in turn recommended him to do work for their friends.

Zac & Brittany R.
Savage, MN

At our current home, there are a few odd and end jobs that needed to be done. One of those was a retaining wall that was made originally out of old railroad ties needed to be replaced. Proper drainage was never installed, so the wall started leaning. Jacob had done a previous job for us at a rental property and did such a great job, we knew his company was the one we wanted to use again.
The wall must have been original to the house (20 years old) and was rotting from the inside out. Jacob removed the railroad ties and tiered the wall so that we are able to put on a deck next summer. He also put in proper drainage. Once the wall was up, he cleaned up the area and made sure everything was back in order. ANOTHER job well done by Jacob and his crew. We highly recommend him!

Zac & Brittany R.
Savage, MN

I had Jake come back to remove a large branch on a maple tree near my house. After discussion with Jake and his Arborist, we decided it would be better to leave the main branch alone and instead trim some of the other higher up branches. He also did some additional trimming on my other trees. When I informed him that a board on my deck had been damaged from something that had fallen, he immediately offered to fix it. He did a great job!

Ken W.
Bloomington, MN

New brick sidewalk, spring clean up, moved landscape rock, cleared land, Excellent!

Debra A.
Hopkins, MN

They came and took down two large cottonwood trees that were leaning towards our house, and hauled away all the wood, branches, etc. They did a very nice job. They did it while we were gone and when I came home the trees were down, nothing in the yard or nearby trees were damaged at all, and I didn’t even see a branch left in the area. They did an awesome job of cleaning up and taking everything with them. I would highly recommend them to others based on my satisfaction with the job and outcome!

Jeff R.
Inver Grove Heights, MN

They removed some bushes and did some transplanting for me. I will definitely invite them back! They were excellent!

Rita S.
Minneapolis, MN

I hire Jacob and his team to maintain all of the trees on my property. They have helped with everything from trimming trees to removing a large dead tree over my house. There prices are great! They even dropped me off a bottle of “Pine Ridge” wine for Christmas!!! I would highly reccomend them!

Kay N.
Owatonna, MN

Trimmed a large tree in front of our house. Jessie and Jake showed up early and provided expert input on what we should do to trim our tree, keep it healthy, and protect our house (the tree branches hung over the house). They even did an extra hour of work for free to ensure everything was done properly, and stacked all of the wood in the back for us as we requested. We have no complaints! We will be hiring them again to trim more trees. Jake was very easy to schedule with via email. We set a date, they showed up on time and got the work done quickly and efficiently.

Brian R.
Minneapolis, MN

Perfect from start to finish.

Randy R.
Minneapolis, MN

Cut down dangerous tree. Arborist cut some limbs off another tree.  My wife did the negotiations. Said they were reasonable and cooperative. The job was done with professionalism and as awareness of the neighborhood.

Bill A.
Burnsville, MN

Whole yard tree trimming and dirt and grass seed where my trees had been removed before. Arrived and proceeded to trim trees, and seeding with knowledge of what I had requested. They finished the work, took away all debris. Very pleased with their work, professionalism, and customer service. Jacob is smart businessman. I would definitely use them again.

Frances B.
Eagan, MN

The experience was great from the initial phone call when I talked to Jake, and when he asked me what I wanted done, I told him I had a lot of big trees and a list. He told me he would send everyone, including his arborist and climbers. When the crew arrived, right on time on Monday morning, I walked around and started showing them trees and prioritized what I wanted done. The crew was helpful and knowledgeable, talking with me about what would be beneficial for the trees and my yards. In fact, they talked me out of doing any trimming on one of the trees since it really needs to be removed (a project for this fall). Jake was there to coordinate everything, and the crew dove right in when we finalized the list of projects based on my budget.  They spent the day cleaning up several trees, and my yard, it looked better when they left then when they got there. I don’t think I have ever raked it as much as they did cleaning up after the tree debris. I also had a nice stack of firewood, and all the trees look great! They even took the extra step up putting the cover back on my pool so no debris got into the pool. They were also very nice to my dogs, who needed to visit the backyard while they were here. I have found my tree service that I will continue to use!

Pat N.
Shorewood, MN

It went well. They did some trimming on shrubs and trees. It was the first time I had used them. They were very nice and did a great job. The workers were excellent. I would use them again.

Delores M.
Bloomington, MN

Pine Ridge was very responsive to my phone calls, setting up appointments, arrival on time to do the work as well as providing an estimate for additional work. They were prompt, professional and completed the job cleaning up our lawn as contracted. I would recommend them again.

Mary M.
Chaska, MN

I purchased a coupon for $200 worth of tree service. Jacob and Jesse removed 4 trees from our front and back yard. After cutting the trees down they took them to another location on our property, trimmed the branches and cut the trunks into manageable pieces. Pine Ridge LLC was professional, fast and thorough. The clean up was immaculate. Very informative about some of our existing trees. Jesse even helped my boys catch a garter snake! After talking with Jacob about some landscaping possibilities, he gave us a quote. We will definitely be using them for our next project.

Lorene L.
Apple Valley, MN

Trimmed back an overgrown lilac hedge.  They were on time. They worked fast. The hedge looks great.

Lori H.
Bloomington, MN

Took down some dangerous limbs over my house and front curb.  Cleaned it all up very nicely. Great Job. Done in about three hours after his estimate.

Roberta N.
Plymouth, MN

Removed tree from the pool that was hit by lightning.  Very well. The crew was very helpful and cleaned up.

Joel C.
Burnsville, MN

Yard clean up, shrub trimming and debris removal. Extremely pleased with communication, responsiveness and work performed.  From purchase to completion of work a very smooth transaction.

Mari A.
Eden Prairie, MN

Took down some dangerous limbs over my house and front curb.  Cleaned it all up very nicely. Great Job . Done in about three hours after his estimate.

Tom S.
Rosemount, MN

Trimmed 2 large trees and trimmed 2 large evergreen trees away from house. Company was very responsive, very professional. Very interested in doing exactly what we wanted. Did an excellent job.

Jean O.
Lakeville, MN

They did a great job trimming our tree. Very punctual, very professional, highly recommend.  They did a great job, came out quickly, got done in one day.

Brian R.
Minneapolis, MN

The branches of the tree in my back yard were tangled with the electric power cable coming into my house. During a wind storm they pulled the bracket holding the power cable up.  I called them and told me to arrange to have Xcel come out and fix the cable bracket. Xcel also dropped power to my house so Pine Ridge could do the work. Watching from the safety of the ground as the trimmer climbed the tree and lopped of the branches was almost worth the price itself. While watching, my neighbors came out and watched and had him swing over and do some trimming on their tree as well. For the first time since we moved in we had a sunny backyard. It makes quite a difference.

Dan V.
Minneapolis, MN

Jacob arrived and we discussed the work that was to be done. I indicated a tree section that I wanted removed, and he set up cones in the road. When Josh arrived, they sawed off the tree section, cut the branches into pieces, cleaned up, and removed the cones. This was all done quickly and efficiently.

Joan V.
Minnetonka, MN

They showed up on time and did exactly what we had discussed.

Diane Y.
Chanhassen, MN

They bagged up leaves for my leaf removal service to pickup. They did do a good job with the work they did.

Sandy H.
Minneapolis, MN

They took down 2 dead trees, one tree we wanted to remove, and raised the canopy of the tree in our front yard. They went above what I was even asking them to do and trimmed back some branches that they told me were too close to our roof, which was an added bonus!  They initially cancelled the night before our appointment which I had scheduled about a month prior, so I was a little bit annoyed. However, Jacob called me back as promised within 24 hours to reschedule, and were able to get me in the following day, which I really appreciated. I had gotten a couple other quotes for this work that came in a little bit less expensive than their total estimate, but I had bought an Angie's List deal, so in the end I still ended up paying less. They were very professional, helped me decide on how to best "shape" our tree in our front yard, and worked very quickly.

Jodie S.
Minneapolis, MN

Had tree limbs removed that were touching power lines. Additional work was done to clear out brush that was not wanted near back fence line on the alley.  Went very well. Had to schedule the power company to drop the power lines before the service and that was a bit dicey but overall it was a success.

Fred H.
Minneapolis, MN

Very good. No mess left.

Robert N.
Bloomington, MN

It went well!

Bhaskar K.
Edina, MN

Trimming and pruning Riverbirch tree and arborvitae trees. Showed up on time and performed necessary work promptly and professionally. Landscape was in desperate need of pruning and trimming.

Janet & David B.
Golden Valley, MN

I hired Pine Ridge to clean up the yard of my new house after it had been vacant for some time. They were very professional, called to say they would be 15 minutes late and spent hours cleaning up millions of leaves, pruned and removed overgrown bushes and left my yard looking much better than it had before. I have now hired them to do my snow removal and am looking forward to using Pine Ridge's services in the Spring.

Mary Ann M.
Eden Prairie, MN

Oak trees trimmed and assessment of other trees. Great job and service!

Jackie K.
Apple Valley, MN

I purchased a Big Deal for fall yard cleanup. In one hour Jacob and Josh trimmed the hedges and bushes and put the flower gardens to bed. Excellent work. I would recommend this service.

Kathleen M.
Bloomington, MN

I had a large tree with a branch that was touching the roof of my house. I purchased an Angie's Big Deal for 2 hours of service. The person I dealt with was very informative and gave me several options for different types and levels of service that would not exceed the time frame already purchased. He also brought out a hortoculturist to confirm what he intended to do would not harm the tree.

Mary B.
Minneapolis, MN

They were able to come out and give me a quote within a few days, and perform the work a week or two later. Very satisfied with the service. The price seemed reasonable, although I didn't get quotes from anyone else.

Todd L.
Chaska, MN

Trimmed a tree, cleaned up, and disposed of debris.  I had purchased the Angie's list deal $200 for $125. The total estimate to trim our tree was $400 which included the trimming and clean up. The service was performed well and the yard was cleaned up after. Jacob was very helpful and polite. I would use them again.

Molly S.
Minneapolis, MN

Pulled bushes, bagged plastic, planted trees, moved rock and manually brought rock to landscaping areas versus ripping our lawn on driveway up.  The crew was on time, very professional, not loud. Always put customer needs first, even if there was a slight change. They cared about our yard & driveway not getting ripped up, so they brought rock from street instead.

Auna A.
Lakeville, MN


Judith W.
St. Luois Park, MN

They trimmed a bunch of trees on my property. They were very professional and did a good job. They cleaned up after themselves after the job was finished.

Jason G.
Minnetonka, MN

He came out and did some tree trimming. I had purchased a Big Deal for $99 but I paid him extra because I wanted him to do some additional landscaping work. The price was very reasonable and the work was excellent. The tree trimming was great and I was very happy with the service. He was professional and very pleasant as well.

Tom D.
Richfield, MN

This was an Angie's List Big Deal for tree trimming. They trimmed several branches including a broken one that had been hanging for over a year approximately 40 feet from the ground. They arrived right at the scheduled time. I was impressed with the professionalism and desire to do everything needed around my yard. They hauled away all the branches after they were done trimming. I thought it was an excellent deal for the amount of work performed!

Ken W.
Bloomingtonn, MN


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